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Taranaki Stockcar Club inc -

Club Notices

  • Stockcar Class Meeting (07-08-17)
    There will be a meeting for all intending Stockcar competitors at the Midhirst Tavern on Sunday August 13th at 12pm.. If possible, please attend.

  • New Rule Book Available (02-08-17)
    The newest version of the Speedway New Zealand rule book is available here:

  • Ramp Demolition Derby Roll Bar Dispensation (23-11-16)
    Today we have recieved notification from Speedway New Zealand that there is a dispensation in place for the roll bar construction for Ramp Demolition Derby cars.  With this dispensation in place, you only need to run the I bar behind the seat.  See the PDF document here:

  • Using the Avgas facility at Stratford Aerodrome (8-11-16)
    There has been some bad behaviour concerning speedway competitors when collecting avgas from the Stratford Aerodrome.  Please remember to keep your speed down on the access road to the avgas facility.  The farm operates 24/7 and the herd is a chilled out bunch so please don't get aggressive towards them if they are crossing the road.  Please do not shoo them away aggressivley, just get out and quietly move them on if they stop to have a look at you.  The council owns the farm and we don't want to upset them.  Remember, the council owns the land and we don't want to lose access to this facility.

  • Licencing/Club Memberships on Opening Night (27-10-16)
    Licences and Club Memberships will be available in the pit box at the opening night meeting untill 5:30pm.  Licences and Memberships will be unable to be purchased after this time.  .

  • Ambulance cost increase (27-10-16)
    Due to the amublance/St Johns cost increasing this season, the dollar amount that is required to paid by competitors as they enter the track has increased to $5 per competitor for the 2016/17 season.  Each competitor will need to pay this at the pit entrance each night that they race.

  • Sending membership forms to club when purchasing through SNZ (27-9-16)
    The process used when licencing and or purchasing memberships online with SNZ is not perfect.
    We (TSCC) cannot process your licence/membership until payment has been made to TSCC from SNZ and it has been passed through committee.
    At this stage we don’t get information on what you have purchased, just a dollar amount.
    ***It is of the utmost importance that if you purchase your club membership online through SNZ that you fill in a membership form and either scan and email it to or post it to PO Box 397, Stratford.***
    This will at least allow us to match up your membership with the dollar amount information we have so we can determine which licence and membership you have purchased (Youth, Adult etc).
    ***The first practice is only two weeks away and with possible delays with the online licence system, it may be worth considering purchasing your club membership and licence at either the Greensheeting day on Saturday 1st October or at the practices. You do need a licence and membership to be able to practice.***
  • Speedway Licences (7-9-16)
    You can either purchase your licence online at SNZ or at the licencing days.  In some cases you are better off to purchase your licence at the club licencing days as you will recieve a temporary licence at the time of purchase which will allow you onto the track at the practices.  If you purchase online, you need to wait for the licence information to come back to the club, approval given and then for it to be couriered.  We are not trying to discourage you from using the online licencing system, just wishing to make you aware of the possible implications. 
    Reminder, if you licence online, you still need to become a club member. If you pay for your club membership online via SNZ with your licence, you will still need to fill out a membership form and send it to the club or scan and email it to
    This is so we can get your address details and importantly, your bank account number so that you can be paid.

    Membership forms are available here

  • Driver Profile Forms (5-9-16)
    It is time again to get your driver profile forms filled in for the coming season.  Driver profile forms are now available to be filled in on the Stratford Speedway website.  The profiles that you submit will be used for the profiles that are played on NZME radio stations (a great way for you to give coverage back to your sponsors!) and some will be used throughout the season in the Saturday night race programs.  Your sponsor information will also be collected from the profiles and used in the competitor listings in the Saturday night race programs.  Space in the programs is limited so please list your sponsors with the most important first as often we can't fit them all in.  Please get your profiles filled in and submitted as soon as possible.
    Driver Profile Forms Are Here
  • Drivers Confirming They Are Racing
    Competitors (including visitors when at all possible), please note that we need you to confirm your attendance for racing by 7pm the Tuesday prior.  There are several reasons for this:
    - Tuesday is the night that the committee meet and the deadline for all our advetising is Wednesday morning.
    -  We need to know how many competitors there are in each class so that we know if your class meets the minimum number required to run.
    - We need to be able to advertise how many competitors there will be in each class to get spectators through the gate.
    - Our race format is put together on Tuesday night.  We format the race program to suit the number of competitors in each class.  Youth Ministocks especially, are likely to have more competitors than what is permitted on the track at one time (30).
    -  We will program the races to suit the confirmed number of competitors in each class.  For example, if thirty Youth Ministocks have confirmed, then we will program three races.  If more than thirty turn up to race, there will still only be space for thirty on the track.  Those that have not confrimed their attendance by Tuesday with the class rep will be the ones that miss out on racing. 

  • Race Numbers
    There have been some changes to the proccess for how competitors apply for three digit numbers at Stratford Speedway.  In the past, you needed to apply to the TSCC and they applied to Speedway New Zealand on your behalf.  That process has now been changed and you now apply direct to Speedway New Zealand yourself.  Please read the information in this document so you can be clear on the number issuing process for single digit, double digit and triple digit numbers.  
  • Helmet Rule Changes
    Competitors, please be aware that the rules regarding the type of helmets used while racing have changed.  Motorbike helmets are no longer permitted for use when racing a car so if you have a motorbike  helmet you will  need to change it before you will be allowed on to the track.  Please click here for more information regarding the new rules and an explanation of the standards that your helmet needs to meet.



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