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New Zealand Streetstock Championship/Youth Spectacular

New Zealand Streetstock Championship final points and placings

PlaceCar #CompetitorPoints
1st2nzTrevor De Malmanche71
2nd433cMatt Peterson69
3rd91rChris Shingleton66
4th86gDave Hampton62
5th6sJohn Young60
6th=871gBen McArthur59
6th=11rSteve De Malmanche59
8th59rAlan King49
9th10gBrenden Gooch47
10th56sMatt Blinkhorne42
11th128gTrevor McArthur37
12th88sBrett Barron35
13th119sSteve Reed31
14th888sRichard Kettle29
15th36gCody Gooch27
16th97rNigel Shingleton26
17th27bWayne Melling25
18th3nzDarren Melling23
19th46bBrent Redimgton22
20th58rMike King16
21st12kDaniel Curran14
22nd81wTristan O'Donnell12
23rd=33iSteve Dryden 0
23rd=51aCraig Anderson0
23rd=8sWayne Barron0
23rd=62cDave McSherry0

King of the Mountain Streetstock Champs Results

PlaceCar #CompetitorPoints
1st95kCaleb Hayes28
2nd116sCheyanne Reed26
3rd123bShane Melling25

Youth Ministock Spectacular final points and placings

PlaceCar #CompetitorPoints
1st99sWilliam Hughes74
2nd57hDylan Marshall71
3rd98rCaylin Clarke70
4th89sBrad Podjursky69
5th85sBrad Uhlenberg67
6th74wCaleb Madgwick62
7th153sFlynn Johnson57
8th=74wAmy Eckersley56
8th=71wJoshua O'Keefe56
10th29wCodey Randel53
11th7sWill Hart45
12th76sMatthew Picard40
13th192vHayley James38
14th61sZane Riddick37
15th=32sLiam Whelan35
15th=15hRyan Marshall35
15th=52kDaniel Belk35
18th81sBlair Wadsworth32
19th5vTrazarn Ryland Annabel30
20th88pHarrison Booth29
21st47sZen Dodunski27
22nd25sCaleb Dymond25
23rd43pKyle Rowe20
24th99rEthan Clarke17
25th48sJayke McGrath15
26th181vMax Hollaway12
27th92sZarrea Stewart8

Youth Ministock Second Tier (consolation) final points and placings

PlaceCar #CompetitorPoints
1st81wDamon Smith55
2nd59sHamish Edgecombe49
3rd33sRyan Houghton48
4th198mTyler Urwin-Hull40
5th9sBen Wilson39
6th93sKarley Gorton38
7th13sCody Ogle34
8th96sIsabella Perrett32
9th41sBrae Scott31
10th125kJake Belk27
11th159sMax Edgecombe25
12th12sMason Ward21
13th=27wVaughn Smith19
13th=62sEmma Gernhoefer19
15th51sCory Ward27
16th74sChloe Ingram16
17th10sJesse Whelan15
18th66sBrandon Andrews13
19th28sCameron Uhlenberg6


New Zealand Streetstock Championship T-Shirts are available from the track on race nights.

Kids Size 12, 14  -  $20.  Adults Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL  -  $25












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