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Saloons were introduced at Stratford in the season of 1968/69 and the cars, initially referred to as productions, were a far cry from today's purpose built V8 monsters. The early vehicles included Mk 1 Zephyr, Holdens, Vauxhall's with standard car chassis, body and engines. By 1982, the cars were running on methanol with fiberglass bodies and lap times were down to around 17 seconds.

Today there are two classes of Saloon that race in New Zealand - Saloons and Super Saloons.

Super Saloons, with V8 engines exceeding 400 cubic inches and running on methanol were a regular fixture at Stratford up to the early 2000's when numerous driver retirements caused the class to become almost non existent.

The younger cousins of Super Saloons, the Saloons compete with several restrictions such as capping the engine capacity to limit the speeds and costs of these cars. The class has benefited from a revival over the past few seasons and this is the class that is raced at Stratford today.  Lap times are around the 16 second mark.




Taranaki Champions
2015/16Richard Dreaver
2014/15Thomas Korff
2013/14Brett Barron
2012/13Craig Korff
2011/12Craig Korff
2010/11Steve Williams
2009/10Dave Hinton
2008/09Tony Heuval
2007/08Tony Heuval
2006/07Alan Jacob
2005/06Ash Cook
2004/05Not Held
2003/04Not Held
2002/03Peter Ingram
2001/02Blondie Chamberlain
2000/01Graeme Colson
1999/00Graeme Colson
1998/99Blondie Chamberlain
1997/98Graeme Colson
1996/97Graeme Colson
1995/96Kevin Moore
1994/95Graeme Colson
1993/94Murray Pierce
1992/93Alan George
1991/92Alan George
1990/91Graeme Colson
1989/90Graeme Colson
1988/89Blondie Chamberlain
1987/88Alan George
1986/87Graeme Colson
1985/86Graeme Colson
1984/85Peter Sloman
1983/84Blondie Chamberlain
1982/83Alan Jago
1981/82Blondie Chamberlain
1980/81Blondie Chamberlain
1979/80Blondie Chamberlain
1978/79Blondie Chamberlain
1977/78Blondie Chamberlain
1976/77Gavin Webster
1975/76John Langl
1974/75Blondie Chamberlain
1973/74Gavin Webster
1972/73Frank Pierce
1971/72Frank Pierce
1970/71Trevor Pierce
1969/70Bill Taylor
2016/2017 Competitors
4sAsh Cook
5sMike White
7sRichard Dreaver
8sCraig Korff
12sBlake Hooper
16sThomas Korff
21sJim Dodunski
25sPaula Hinton
26sAlan Hooper
27sJoe Ingram
45sMark Hinton
46sDaniel Hinton
53sTony Schrader
78sChris Betts
88sBrett Barron
908sJarrod MacBeth


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