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Streetstocks are now the most road like cars currently racing on Speedway tracks today. The cars essentially are similar to the original stockcars that began racing in New Zealand many years ago with an original donor car. This car is then stripped of all internal fittings and fitted with fuel tank, seat, and, roll-cage to strengthen the chassis while externally the car is required to have a front and rear bumper mounted.

While success on the national stage has been minimal for Stratford competitors with only 1 New Zealand Championship back in the late eighties, you will find the racing between local drivers is extremely competitive with spin-ups and nudging between cars commonplace (as allowed by the racing rules).

Common types of car seen on the racetrack are HQ Holdens, Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons.





Taranaki Champions
2015/16Trevor De Malmanche
2014/15Blair Castleton
2013/14Chris Shingleton
2012/13Steve De Malmanche
2011/12Trevor De Malmanche
2010/11Steve De Malmanche
2009/10Brett Barron
2008/09John Young
2007/08H. Bonner
2006/07Paul Blinkhorne
2003/04Steve Lewis
2002/03John Young
2001/02Paul Blinkhorne
2000/01Harvie Edgecombe
1999/00Steve Lewis
1998/99Steve Lewis
1997/98Phillip Brisco
1996/97Samuel Radford
1995/96Murray Heal
1994/95Clinton Hayward
1993/94Derek Henderson
1992/93Paul Blinkhorne
1991/92Dave Coxhead
1990/91Clinton Hayward
1989/90Dave Coxhead
1988/89Dave Coxhead
1987/88Greg Bevins
2016/2017 Competitors


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