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  • Dec 16

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Levien wins Stockcar GP
10th December 2017

Keegan Levien top driver at Championship

Taranaki Stockcar Club inc -


Stratford first began running the big V8 engined class in 1981-1982 season. Over time this class has proved to be one of the most popular of all.

With a power to weight ratio slightly less than the Sprintcar class, Modifieds can be extremely difficult to tame, but when in full flight present a thrilling show for the fans. Laptimes on the Stratford oval have been recorded in the high 13 second bracket with speeds estimated to be reaching close to 150kmph.

The modified class has traditionally been one that Stratford driver's have done well in on a national scene with 11 NZ titles won by Stratford drivers.




Taranaki Champions
2016/17Blair Luscombe
2015/16Blair Luscombe
2014/15Farron Lowry
2013/14Blair McPhee
2012/13Bunter Pierce
2011/12John Jackson
2010/11Mark Dixon
2009/10Jamie Fox
2008/09Scott Lane
2007/08John Jackson
2006/07Jamie Fox
2005/06Craig Ward
2004/05Craig Ward
2003/04Murray Gordge
2002/03Murray Gordge
2001/02Scott Lane
2000/01Tony Galbraith
1999/00Tama Arapere
1998/99Steve Hall
1997/98Greg Pickerill
1996/97Steve Hall
1995/96Newton Gordge
1994/95Willie Noonan
1993/94Steve Hall
1992/93Murray Gordge
1991/92Murray Gordge
1990/91Mike Moore
1989/90Merv Julian
1988/89Murray Gordge
1987/88Murray Gordge
1986/87Murray Gordge
1985/86Murray Gordge
1984/85Neil Cowling
1983/84Neil Cowling
1982/83Merv Julian
1981/82Merv Julian
2017/2018 Competitors
1nzRichard Pierce
2nzFarron Lowry
7sMike Jury
12sJason Kalin
21sNewton Gordge
22sAiden Crawford
24sCarl Hinton
26sBlair Luscombe
71sJohn Jackson
78sShaun Bloeman
121sStuart Rose


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